DSV Science Hack Day provides innovation insights

Developing new logistics paradigms

DSV Hackathon in South Africa

DSV’s Business Change Management (BCM) team in South Africa recently held its first “Hackathon” – or more correctly a Science Hack Day modelled on a hackathon – which exposed participants to innovation and design thinking techniques necessary to keep DSV ahead in its markets.

Stanley Macmillan, DSV’s Divisional Director for BCM, said teams from different divisions came together to be exposed to new innovations and technologies to “break some paradigms” in the process, and to use design thinking tools “to see how we can be more innovative in our daily work”.

The day was facilitated by “The MakerSpace”, and delegates were exposed to new technologies, including augmented and virtual reality, 3D printing, Internet of Things and off course design thinking principles.

Delegates agreed the day was full of compelling learnings and insights, with perhaps the standout presentation being an eleven-year-old demonstrating how to build a game in 15 minutes using Scratch.

Even though DSV may not be the first company to come to mind when you think about innovation and new technologies, there have been several “Proof of Concepts” tested over the last couple of years, such as testing hybrid trucks in Swedenconsidering implications of driverless trucks in Denmark and establishing a 3D printing lab in the Netherlands. “In South Africa we launched the ByBox initiative almost two years ago…watch out for them next time you visit an Engen filling station in Gauteng.”


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Test  - Delegates agreed the day was full of compelling learnings and insights
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