Improved DSV Locker replaces DSV Bybox

All new DSV Locker offers enhanced benefits

DSV Locker
The DSV Locker – previously known as the DSV ByBox – is live!

The DSV Locker has quickly become the popular choice for tens of thousands of people who want to send and receive parcels, and collect their online purchases, at a place and time convenient to them.

Launched in 2014, the DSV Locker is an integral part of DSV’s strategy to meet changing distribution needs fueled by the growth of e-commerce, and a growing demand in the equipment and appliance industry for getting parts to infield technicians quicker and more efficiently.
The number of DSV Lockers will nearly double in 2018 from 106 to around 200, and we will be expanding the footprint from Gauteng, Western Cape and Kwa-Zulu Natal to all nine provinces.

The majority (80%) of the DSV Lockers are located at Engen service stations. The other 20% serve Makro and are located at various high-traffic community locations.

The new DSV Locker offers many new features which improve both the customer experience and the security of the product. Most importantly, DSV’s customer service team can participate remotely and assist a customer in a number of ways –and there is an added QR code to facilitate speedy collections.

Customers can also send parcels via DSV Locker by purchasing DSV PAK from an associated retailer and package the parcel, fill in the dispatch note, scan it in at a DSV Locker terminal and follow the touch screen instructions to complete the transaction.
We anticipate there will ultimately be more than 450 DSV Lockers countrywide as we meet a growing need in many sectors:
  • Courier Product (B2B & B2C): Used by business to send and receive internal mail as well as to reach external customers.
  • Courier PAKs (C2C): Used by public as a service to send parcels using the PAK product.
  • Education: Used by the education sector to distribute learning material to students as well as returns mechanism that allows students to submit completed assignments to the institution.
  • Banking: Positioned as a product to efficiently and effectively distribute replacement cards and documentation of a sensitive nature.
  • eCommerce (B2C): Use by online retailers to deliver parcels and goods to its online customers.
  • Boot Stock (B2B): Used by service providers to distribute and manage parts in the in-field technician business.
  • Returns (C2B or B2B): Used by all industries to facilitate the speedy returns of goods.

Visit the new DSV Locker Website here