See how the DSV Locker® saves technicians time

The new, improved DSV Locker is proving to be a huge hit with the service industry, where infield technicians find it saves hours in a day

DSV Locker for in-field technician

Instead of your technician driving to the warehouse to collect parts, DSV will deliver them to a locker closest to where the technician lives – and we’ll do this at night so your technician starts the day on site! 

Click here to view the short video. 

We have a national DSV Locker footprint to serve your needs – and remember, the DSV Lockers are useful in so many other applications too:

eCommerce – Click and Collect: DSV Locker combines online choice with offline convenience.

Education: DSV Locker enables colleges, universities and other learning institutions to offer students the unprecedented convenience of picking up parcels and mail during “student” hours. 

Mail Rooms: Designed to fill a major void in the mail center delivery process, the DSV Locker system is re-assignable after every use and is designed to accommodate letters, flats as well as small packages.

Financial Services: Organisations and logistical companies around the world are always searching for more effective, efficient and secure ways to deliver increasing parcel numbers.  

DSV PAK (Pre-Paid Parcel Services): DSV Locker PAK solves complex, expensive and unreliable challenges for small to medium sized business. Costs are fixed and customers don’t need an account – simply buy the appropriate packaging from any participating retailer and send your parcel anywhere in South Africa.

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