World class inventory accuracy standards at DSV Healthcare

Accuracy can be the difference between receiving life-saving medicine on time or not

Quality assurance

DSV’s world class management of almost R9b of pharma and healthcare inventory has again been validated in the recent annual stock take – underpinning better customer order management and superior on-time-in-full (OTIF) delivery performance.

DSV Healthcare has inventory accuracy metrics in place to measure how closely system inventory matches physical inventory, and these KPIs are shared with our clients in monthly, face-to-face meetings.

The Longmeadow, Cape Town, Raceway and Bond Store facilities all conducted wall-to-wall counts while Meadowview performed a sample count of the bulk and fine picking areas. The Longmeadow and Meadowview counts were verified by PWC auditors. 
To indicate just how well our audit went, the industry sees a unit variance above 99% as being good, and we are at 99.996%! 
The outstanding audit results flow from significant investments we have made in our people, processes, procedures and technology to manage client inventories.

Our robust cycle count procedure ensures small subsets of inventory are counted over time, and this ensures a wall-to-wall inventory check is achieved every six months. Cycle counting verifies inventory accuracy and can help identify the root causes of inventory errors, such as process, procedure or person, which in turn allows us to implement continuous improvement initiatives.
Further, our cycle counting provides us with an ongoing assessment of inventory accuracy and procedure execution and is tailored to focus on products with higher value, higher movement volume, or specific inventory critical to client’s success or internal processes.