Chronic Medicine Dispensary (CMD)

Chronic Medicine Dispensary (CMD) is a courier pharmacy wholly owned by DSV Healthcare and is South Africa’s leading distributor of pharmaceutical and healthcare products

CMD delivers medicine directly to more than 285,000 state patients through approximately 130 state health facilities in the Western Cape.

CMD was contracted by the Department of Health in the Western Cape, in April 2012, to dispense chronic medication on an incremental basis to increasing numbers of public patients in the province. By the end of October 2016, the unit had dispensed 14.4 million prescriptions, with a monthly average of 350,000 scripts, significantly more than the 105,000 in April 2012.

The number of “patient medicine parcels” (PMPs) has increased considerably. The substantial increase in PMPs reflects the completion of the full roll out to all districts within the Western Cape.

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