Healthcare logistics

Ensuring patients always get the quality medicine they need, when and where they need it through reliable storage and delivery

DSV Healthcare is South Africa’s leading distributor of pharmaceutical and healthcare products.

Originally formed as IHD and subsequently named UTi Pharma following its acquisition by UTi in 2004, DSV Healthcare came into being following the acquisition of UTi by DSV in 2016. 

Our market

DSV Healthcare serves the following sectors:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Animal Health
  • Devices and Diagnostics
  • Consumer Health
  • State

Our service enablers

DSV Healthcare has three logistics centres and 13 cross-dock hubs, with a total of 67 600m2. All warehouses are GXP compliant and ISO 9001:2009 certified, and DSV Healthcare has 140 dedicated delivery vehicles.

The Meadowview facility in Johannesburg is one of the most automated pharmaceutical distribution facilities in the Southern Hemisphere. Features include: 

  • a fully automated 38 000 pallet position “dark” bulk warehouse that is 32 metres high and manged by 10 automatic storage and retrieval cranes
  • a fully automated 20 000 location fine pick operation

This automation provides incredible efficiencies with increased quality and controls, which is so critical in the pharmaceutical environment.

DSV is the largest private cold chain distributor to both the private and public sectors, with more than 1 000 fully validated cold chain boxes packed per day
The Core services include:

  • Validated packaging to South African conditions
  • Onsite chamber for validation
  • National cold chain capabilities
  • Serialized packaging for recovery
  • Four distinct temperature range storage capabilities:
    • 2 to 8°C
    • -3 to - 7°C
    • -15 to - 21°C
    • -70°C
  • A Validated dry ice packing solution
  • Processes that are customized for cold chain maintenance and risk minimization
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