10 reasons to work with DSV

Why choose DSV as your transport and logistics provider?

1. YOU -  our customer

Yes, you are one of the reasons why you should choose DSV because you are the centre of the world. We have built our business based on your needs, where and however they are.

2. OUR PEOPLE - will do everything they can to contribute to your success

More than 60,000 people in more than 90 countries with strong corporate DNA work together to contribute to your success.

3. THE WAY IN HOW WE WORK - Excellence. Reliability. Productivity. 

The operational excellence of our business processes is crucial for your productivity, which supports our competitiveness and allows us to offer high-quality services on time. You need reliability to ensure a good relationship with your customers and, with this objective, we channel our people, infrastructure and technology to be prepared for any eventuality.

4. OUR TECHNOLOGY - improves quality, reduces process time, improves  customer experience

Our use of technology and innovation has increased productivity, improved customer experience, reduced costs and minimised the risk of errors. Technological advances have reached our business, in all modes of transport, supply chain management, shipment tracking, resource monitoring and reducing stock losses with real-time stock checking as well as delivering superior services in industrial sectors.

5. OUR SIZE - the scale and scope count

Whether air, sea or land, we meet your needs. Anywhere. We are growing continuously and our reach has no limits. Also, our growth means that you can grow with us over time.

6. OUR EXPERT KNOWLEDGE - we adapt to your mode of transport and your market

You need experience in the entire range of transport and logistics services, and in industrial sectors. You also need a deep knowledge of local and global markets. DSV has all this knowledge and experience. 

7. THE VALUE WE OFFER - more than the cost of the service

A lasting and successful logistics collaboration depends on the value - you will notice the difference of working with DSV and the price is only part of the agreement. 

8. WHAT WE STAND FOR - our reputation

Our culture and service are defined by our global values. Our clients are first. As ONE DSV, we strive to offer maximum performance. Our responsibility and initiative leads us to an authentic collaboration with our clients.

9. OUR FINANCIAL SOLIDITY - you can trust us in the long-term

We are a growing global business with financial strength - the fourth freight forwarder worldwide. Our financial strength and stability will provide you with all the comfort to build a long-term relationship, knowing that we will always be giving you support.

10. OUR BETTER ALLIANCE - together in a long journey

Our business has grown organically through the acquisition, and in the process we have built a team whose everything is better than the sum of its parts, since it has more value for you. And the same philosophy extends to long-term relationships, where growth and success are mutually inclusive.

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