We are still operating at BCP (Business Continuity Plan) level 4 – what this means is that both our warehouses and fleet are 100% operational. 

We remind you that all customer order cut offs moved to 13H00 with effect from Friday 27 March 2020. The new cut off schedule is as follows: 


The order must be received by our call center (via EDI, telephone call or e mail) before the 13H00 cut off for us to meet your normal delivery service level. 

We are using best efforts to maintain delivery service levels – there are three challenges at present:

  • Emergency orders (outside of Gauteng) – under normal circumstances we use air freight for these orders.  Currently there are no same day services offered by SAA, but an overnight service remains available. Please allow for enough stock holding of key items;
  • Exports – we have received feedback that ITAC permits (now a requirement for additional products as part of Covid-19 export controls) will take between 3 and 5 days to be issued. Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia and Swaziland (BLNS) borders are open, but only orders that have the ITAC permit or do not require the permit will be shipped. Outside BLNS destinations, flight availability is still a concern.  There are no flights available at this point to several destinations. For every order, the DSV Export admin team engage with DSV Air and Sea to check on flight availability;
  • Deliveries to far outlying areas – there may be delays to far outlying areas.  DSV outsources these deliveries to a third party and that third party has had to reduce delivery frequency due to much smaller volumes into these areas. Please bear with us and address any concerns with our call center or customer facing team. 

Please keep us up to date if you make any business changes which impact our ability to deliver to you, such as change in receiving times. Please also notify us in advance if for some reason you will be unable to accept our delivery. We can, in certain circumstances, accommodate after hours deliveries. 

We are still processing claims and returns as normal. Our process for logging a claim and requesting an upliftment of stock remain the same. We remind you of the 2-business day from delivery period to log a claim where there is short, damaged or incorrect supply.