Don't wait for a full container to get temperature protection for your healthcare product at sea

DSV Sea Healthcare groupage makes it easy for you – even for shipments less than a container load

DSV Sea Healthcare Groupage

DSV Sea Healthcare Groupage offers the healthcare industry temperature integrity for all deliveries – without waiting for a container to be full or shipping a container with empty space. 

Our new groupage healthcare sea product combines the best of our commitment to temperature integrity – across the globe – with a unique solution for you if you need less than a container load refrigerated service.

There are many other benefits too:

  • You can make smaller, more frequent shipments
  • The process is Good Distribution Practices (GDP) verified
  • There are fewer touchpoints than airfreight
  • It is cost effective, and 
  • There is limited lead-time variability

Pan-European packing takes place at our temperature controlled facilities in Belgium, and shipments are transported the closest seaport and depart weekly to Durban in South Africa.

From there, goods go by road to Johannesburg and are unpacked at our Healthcare compliant facility for onward distribution. Standard transit times enable repetitive volumes and flexible supply, meaning sound inventory planning. And shipments are temperature controlled every step of the way.

We are the largest private distributor of cold chain products to the public and private sectors in South Africa. We understand that an efficient and unbroken process along the entire cold chain is the only way to avoid loss or risk to patients.

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