Clientzone Frequently Asked Questions

Useful information about the online booking system Clientzone

What will I need to use ClientZone?

Hardware Requirements:

  • PC or laptop
  • Printer (A4 or label printer that is compatible with your PC/laptop)

Software Requirements:

  • Internet connection – to connect to ClientZone
  • Supported Internet browser – to connect to ClientZone (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge)
  • Email address – to register and receive notifications

What is the difference between the eWaybill module and the Dispatch module?

The main function of the eWaybill module is to book collections of returns or 3rd party parcels from a consignee’s address. This module is designed to provide a quick and easy platform to book a collection for low volume parcels and shipments from any location. You can book a return on behalf of your customer and just send them the eWaybill to print at their location, making the collection processes easy and convenient.

The main function of the Dispatch module is to create an unlimited number of shipments for collection from your own registered address. This module is designed to provide a user-friendly interface to book your shipments against a daily collection. This module will consolidate all shipments booked before the end of day process is run into one collection booking. Please remember that your 1st shipment must be created before 15:00 to ensure collection on the same day.

Which internet browser works best for ClientZone?

You can use Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge - they all work.

Can multiple ClientZone users log into the same profile at the same time?
Yes, if more than 1 user needs to dispatch from a site with a single prefix and shipper address then the same login details can be used by more than 1 user on the floor concurrently.

Can I create a waybill on behalf of my customers?

Our online ClientZone platform provides an easy-to-use eWaybill module that enables our clients to book a collection on behalf of their customer and send an e-Waybill for them to print and place on the parcel upon collection of the parcel.

Can I request a quote on ClientZone for a delivery outside of South Africa?

No, unfortunately quotes cannot be requested for delivery to other countries. Please contact your Sales Representative or our National Call Centre ( to request a quote.

Can I send parcels to other countries?

Dispatch module: Yes, parcels can be sent to Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho and Swaziland. Parcels can only be delivered to these countries, and parcels can only be collected within South Africa.

eWaybill module: No, you can unfortunately not send parcels outside of South Africa.

When is the best time for me to create a shipment and process a manifest?

eWaybill module: Collections and manifests created before 3pm should be processed on the same day. Anything processed after 3pm will by default result in next day collection. We therefore encourage you to have all labels and manifests completed by 2:30pm even if it means that you create several manifests for that day.

Dispatch module: Ensure that your 1st shipment is created before 3pm. Any shipments created thereafter until you run an end of day, will still be collected on the same day.

Can I print to a Zebra label printer?

Yes, All ZPL (Zebra Printer Language) printers are supported.

What if I do not have a Zebra printer?

You are able to use any printer that can print A4.

What are the requirements to attach the A4 label onto the parcel?

The A4 label has to be placed in a see-through protective pouch and attached to the parcel where the driver will easily be able to scan the parcel barcode.

I want to request an after  hours collection but can only select a “Closing time” of 17:00. What is the process to follow?

Please contact our National Call Centre ( to assist you with booking an after hours collection.

How can I book a return for my customer?

The eWaybill functionality will assist you with this process. You can book a collection from your customer’s address and send an eWaybill to your customer.

What is the maximum number of shipments/parcels that can be dispatched for the day?

eWaybill module: 10 shipments each with 10 parcels per collection.
Dispatch module: Unlimited number of parcels and shipments per collection.

What will happen if I try to dispatch more than 10 shipments?

eWaybill module: The system won’t allow you to schedule more than 10 shipments. If you would like to ship more parcels, you will be required to run a manifest first and then create more shipments.

Dispatch module: Unlimited number of parcels and shipments per collection and per manifest.

Can labels be re-printed?
Labels can be re-printed while you are still on the page where you created the shipment. Once you have moved away from the specific shipment screen, it cannot be re-printed anymore. We suggest, as an alternative that you download your labels when it is displayed on the screen to ensure that you can print it again.

I cannot add a parcel of more than 1 ton – Why is this?

The maximum limit of a parcel on ClientZone is 999 kg, as this is the maximum weight that a pallet can legally carry. If you have parcels that exceed this weight, please contact your Sales Representative to offer you an alternative option.

Do you print a manifest per shipment or can you do a few shipments in a manifest?

The system will print a manifest for all the shipments captured within that specific collection process.

Dispatch module: Unlimited amount of shipments per manifest is possible.
eWaybill module: The maximum amount of shipments per manifest is 10.

Is a collection booked each time I process the manifest?

eWaybill module: Yes, once you process the manifest a collection is booked, and billing is processed automatically. A collection request will be logged for each manifest that is created, and this is because the collection location could be different for each manifest.

Dispatch module: In this module, a collection request is sent to our National Call Centre once the 1st shipment for the day is captured. The National Call Centre will create the booking and send you a collection request confirmation via e-mail.

What happens if the browser window is closed before I processed the manifest?

eWaybill module: You will need to recapture the shipments, as no data is saved until the manifest is run.
Dispatch module: Go to the Shipment List to view all created shipments.


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