Transporting a perfect pitch

Grass for a whole stadium: 24 refrigerated trucks

Refrigerated trucks are a common sight on the roads – playing a pivotal part in taking perishable food to supermarkets, or medicines to pharmacies.

However, unbeknown to most, sometimes they’re on their way to a football stadium.

Championship football teams need championship turf – grown under carefully-controlled conditions and then transported to the stadium in a team of refrigerated trucks.

County Turf in England doesn’t just rely on DSV’s trucks, they also rely on DSV’s planning. A single football pitch needs 24 trucks to complete a full turf installation. It takes 45 minutes to load each one, so the arrival of each truck has to be precisely timed. During the trip to the stadium, the temperature has to be lowered initially and then altered to various settings during transit to raise the temperature slowly, so that the turf is in optimal condition on arrival at its destination.

We’ve been very pleased with DSV’s planning – we need a large number of refrigerated trucks precisely timed and with no delays

Andy Fraser, Managing Director at County Turf

 DSV has a total of 500 refrigerated trucks available and has the flexibility to allocate a large number to a single job such as a football pitch. Our drivers are specially trained and certified for temperature-controlled transport and we can monitor and report temperature throughout the journey. We’ve been doing this type of transport for decades.


About County Turf

County Turf is a family business growing the very best quality golf turf, sports pitch turf and landscape and lawn turf.

The company has been growing over 1,500 acres of high quality turf on some of the coarsest, free-draining, sand rootzone in the UK since 1995 and has established a reputation for premium quality turf and excellent customer service.

Some of the well-known venues include Stade de France and the London 2012 Olympics.

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