Transporting Dangerous Goods

Are you transporting cargo without realising it is hazardous? The consequences can be very serious

Most people working in the chemical sector understand the rules related to the storage and transport of their products. Many people are surprised at what is classified as dangerous or hazardous.

They are even more surprised to find out that what is not “dangerous” in a low quantity can suddenly become so, once a certain quantity limit is exceeded, or if a different packaging is used. In fact there are “dangerous” goods in almost every home and almost every handbag.


Packaged “dangerous goods” may come as a surprise to many people – not just what are obviously chemicals but also food flavourings, perfume, soaps, detergents, cosmetics, dyes, paints and plastics. Many of the individual containers will be labelled with symbols but these usually only relate to the hazards in use of the product, and do not automatically mean that it is dangerous in transport. However, it must not be assumed that all substances which are packed in small or retail packaging are not subject to transport regulations, since classification criteria vary so much.

There are many rules relating to packaging, labelling and stowing which can vary according to a wide range of criteria. So the potential for breaking those rules with consequent risk of delays or of incurring penalties is significant. When the regulations can also vary according to the volumes in a shipment, the mode of transport and even the countries transited, it is easy to see why expert knowledge is vital. In the most serious cases, goods can be confiscated and destroyed, and directors of companies can face prison sentences.

DSV helps businesses ensure they know exactly how the regulations affect the products they are buying or selling. Especially companies seeking to expand their  product range or the number of countries they export to.

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