Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor

What you need to be aware of when shipping dangerous goods

You must have a dangerous goods safety adviser (DGSA) if you transport dangerous goods unless they are in “limited quantities” and only occasionally engage in the carriage, loading or unloading of dangerous goods posing little danger of risk.

Your DGSAs and any other employees dealing with dangerous goods must all undergo appropriate training. You should have a DGSA if you are shipping goods


Anyone who ships or causes dangerous goods to be shipped include people who:

  • Load and unload or handle dangerous materials/goods
  • Prepare dangerous materials/goods for transportation, and/or
  • Operate a vehicle used to transport dangerous materials/goods.
  • This also includes anyone who designs, manufactures, fabricates, inspects, reconditions, maintains/ repairs or tests a package or packaging component that

You don’t need to follow all the normal packaging and labelling regulations, and you don’t have to have a dangerous goods safety adviser if you’re transporting “limited quantities” of some dangerous goods. But your staff must still have safety training.


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