Importance of moving dangerous goods

Why is it important to know if you are moving dangerous goods?

Dangerous goods – sometimes called hazardous materials – may be pure chemicals, mixtures of substances, manufactured products or articles which can pose a risk to people, animals or the environment if not properly handled in use or during transit.


Non-compliance with dangerous goods transport regulations can be costly. For example, one major retailer faced fines of $144,000 due to improper shipping paper declarations for the dangerous materials in its retail-sized bottles of nail polish and sun block. A leading pharmaceutical distribution company received a $91,000 fine for an undeclared shipment of skin care products containing alcohol.

If you are shipping items which have batteries included, you need to know that Lithium batteries can easily overheat and ignite in certain circumstances. Regulations were tightened in 2009 after several serious fire incidents during their transportation. So it goes without saying: moving dangerous goods requires both careful planning and specialised knowledge.