DSV Locker® for businesses

Send and receive parcels, collect your online purchases at a place and time convenient to you

The DSV Locker ® has quickly become the popular choice for businesses and tens of thousands of people who  send and receive parcels safely, at a place and time convenient to them. Using the DSV Locker means the driver, parcel and recipient don’t ever need to be available at the same time and place.

DSV has successfully delivered several locker-based client solutions by leveraging the DSV courier network with the technological benefits of the DSV Locker.

The service is reliable and can be up and running within a week, and DSV customers automatically have access to +250 locker delivery locations nationally to choose from after signing up. 

In addition to delivering an improved customer experience, lockers also reduce overall delivery costs and improve service level metrics. Delivering to and collecting from a DSV Locker eliminates many problems linked with traditional supply chain logistics. 

Our position and investment in smart parcel solutions is motivated by the rapid migration of indirect to direct service parcel dependent channels, which include the following:

eCommerce – Click and Collect combines online choice with offline convenience. You buy online and collect your orders safely and securely at a time and place convenient to you. 

In-Field Solution Service – Instead of delivering parts to your depots, we deliver to a locker closest to your technician’s home, at night. This means the technician starts the day onsite, and research shows this service typically eliminates nearly 30% of a technician’s travel time, reduces fuel costs and wear and tear on vehicles.

Education – Enables colleges, universities and other learning institutions to offer students the convenience of picking up their parcels and mail at “student hours”.

Mail rooms and accountable mail – Designed to fill a major void in the mail centre delivery process, the DSV Locker is reusable and accommodates letters, flats and small packages, and addresses the risks and reduces the costs associated with the traditional mailroom.

Financial Services – Organisations and logistical companies around the world are always searching for more effective, efficient and secure ways to deliver the increasing number of parcels. Automated indoor and outdoor parcel lockers provide an alternative delivery solution that distributes goods to consumers, cost effectively, securely and conveniently, and the locker compliments the client’s defined workflows and operational practices. 

DSV PAK (Pre-Paid Parcel Services) – DSV Locker PAK solves complex, expensive and unreliable challenges for small to medium sized business. Costs are fixed, and users don’t need an account – simply buy the appropriate packaging from any participating retailer and send your parcel anywhere in South Africa


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