In-field Solution

Save valuable technician time - collect spare parts from the nearest DSV Locker

The DSV Locker offers a range of benefits to a growing number of industries, including telecoms, healthcare, energy, IT and office automation. And the benefits relate to reconfiguring the movement of spare parts to increase technician productivity and increase customer satisfaction. With more than 200 lockers around the country, we are able to distribute and track stock as it moves through the delivery cycle – and give our users visibility every step of the way. So, how will our in-field solutions benefit your business:

Saves your technicians time

How often does a technician need to return to base to collect spare parts? Save valuable transit time and serve your customers faster by having DSV deliver your spare parts to a DSV Locker closest to your technician’s home – and we’ll do that at night, allowing your technician to collect and start the day on site. Research indicates this eliminates nearly 30% of a technician’s travel time and less travel reduces stress and increases a technician’s job satisfaction.

Increases customer satisfaction

Technicians who use DSV Lockers and save travel time attend to customer queries quicker, and have more time to spend on site – and this increases customer satisfaction.

Increases productivity

With less time on the road, your technicians will spend more time on customer calls. One technician can serve more customers - with consequent cost savings easily showing on your bottom line.

Reduces costs

There are many cost savings which the DSV Locker offers, including reduced fuel and wear and tear costs, boot stock, transport time, and same day logistics costs.

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