Accountable Mail

The DSV Locker fills a major void in the mail center delivery process. It’s reusable and accommodates letters, flats and small packages, offering a solution to businesses looking to reduce spend on internal mail services

Benefits for Recipient:

  • Receive parcels and mail at the recipient’s convenience.
  • Parcels are managed safely and securely.
  • Significant convenience factor

Benefits for Client:
  • Improved cost to serve. 
  • Reduced double handling on parcels (undelivered).
  • Mitigates the risk of parcels getting lost. 
  • Safe and secure – chain of custody on all material.
  • Appropriation of manual overhead – less manual handling needed.

An average corporate mailroom receives anywhere from 500 to 1,000 accountable parcels each day, which will then be delivered and logged manually to track the number of packages received, their origin and recipient information — a time consuming, labour intensive process prone to human error and risk.
DSV Locker helps corporate mail centres streamline and improve parcel delivery and distribution. A mail management team no longer needs a time-specific, one-to-one procedure for distributing packages to employees. Packages or mail can be placed in a securely smart managed locker. This solution automatically tracks delivery and notifies the employee for secure pick up — at their convenience.
Enterprises significantly improve delivery accountability and safeguard valuable packaged assets, ensuring end-to-end chain of custody. In addition, the DSV Locker provides granular real-time system data within a locker network and allows organizations to plan and manage workflow processes more effectively, reduce operational costs and improve on-going operational efficiencies.

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