The DSV Locker changes the way students collect mail and parcels

DSV Locker provides innovative logistics solutions to universities, colleges and other learning institutions who want the convenience of picking up parcels and mail at “student life” hours.  

Distributing learning material to students, and receiving assignments back from students, in a secure, managed method, is a prerequisite to success in distance learning. Sending a package directly to a student’s home or a distribution centre isn’t as visible or efficient as using the DSV Locker, where solutions are customized to suit learning institution mail operations as well as third party Track and Trace and established mail management systems.  Our end-to-end solution allows learning institutions to deliver a complete and optimum distribution system that simplifies operational practices and meets the robust requirements for parcel and mail security and chain of custody.

It’s tailor-made for student life – and hours

Students collect and deliver material and assignments in a secure environment – at a time that suits them.

The DSV Locker reduces cost and improves efficiencies for learning institutions

Cost saving come from less manual handling and reduced numbers of redeliveries, and the chain of custody is safe and secure and less.

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