Financial Services

Offer your customers the choice of DSV Locker for fast and reliable delivery

The changing way business is done has driven financial organisations to demand safer, more efficient logistics solutions that simultaneously meet the evolving needs of their customers. The DSV Locker answers the needs in the financial services sector, providing a technology-based approach capable of fulfilling the expanding needs of the user market and supporting the potential for new and existing commercial services.

It’s an easy and efficient way to deliver cards to your customers – and they can collect when it suits them

Let your customers select the nearest DSV Locker to their home or workplace to collect their package. 

Your customers don’t have to queue in the bank to collect a card – and they’re not limited to banking hours!

Most of our 200 lockers are conveniently located at Engen service stations, nationwide. This means your customers can collect their cards in a safe and convenient environment.

It’s an innovative channel to market for financial institutions

The DSV Locker is an alternate, innovative way to reach your market with end to end visibility.

There’s less customer feet – and time – in a bank facility

The DSV Locker offers convenience to customers at a place and time that suits them – which means less feet in a bank and less time and staff to serve them.

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