Risk management a key to safety record

Security is paramount for our lockers, users, customers and contents, and we have not suffered loss from, or to, a locker since the service was launched in 2014.  The design of the product and services anticipates potential risks, ensuring we deliver a secure and accountable service.

Information is typically sensitive but made available to customers and users on request. Each locker is monitored remotely for tampering or damage, and transactions are recorded and validated via continuous CCTV.  Information which can be shared includes:

  • Data integrity protection – LDAP, IPSEC protocols and Tier 3 APN and VPN standards
  • Reduced points of failure – battery backups, network outage
  • 20mm (diameter) steel bolt locks…double-bounce” mechanism
  • Tamper detection – optical sensors, pressure sensors and web cameras 
  • Double bend 3.2mm tampered steel structure
  • Environment - 15°C to +50°C and humidity levels of up to 93%
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