Useful information about the DSV Locker

Why is using a locker a good idea?

Delivering your parcel to a locker removes the need to have parcel recipient, a driver and a parcel be available at the same time and place. Locker deliveries are therefore convenient for both the sender and the receiver and on time.

Where does DSV have lockers?
DSV has lockers placed at Engen, SPAR and other strategic locations all around South Africa. There are currently 230 locations to choose from and the footprint increases every month on average of 20-30 units.

At a high level, how does it work?

Watch a short video clip (60 seconds) here to understand how DSV Locker works and what your recipient will experience. Alternatively visit our website here.

How many parcels can you send to a locker?

We encourage you to send you as many parcels to a locker as possible as you can supposed to sending to a physical address. Please remember that the shipment needs to fit into the door. ClientZone will help you manage maximum shipment sizes.

How will your parcel recipient know when to collect?

The locker will send an email and SMS to the parcel recipient as soon as the parcel is ready for collection. The notification will include a unique secure pin code and directions to the locker.

How long can a parcel stay in a locker?

The receiver has 48 hours to collect the parcel, the 48 hours excluding weekends and public holidays. For example, if the parcel was delivered at 3pm on Friday the recipient has until 3pm the next Tuesday to collect.

What happens if the parcel is not collected?

Once the parcel has expired, DSV will collect the parcel from the locker and return it to the sender.

What happens if the parcel cannot not be delivered into the locker?
DSV will reattempt delivery to the locker on the next available delivery date, however if the parcel was too big to be delivered into the locker it will be returned to the sender.

What support is available to you and your customers on Lockers?
We have a dedicated support desk available to you and your customers on Mon to Fri from 7am to 6pm and on Saturdays from  8am to 1pm. Call them about any question that you might have on 0861 000 853.