What is a Locker

State-of-the-art smart locker, providing secure, convenient courier solutions

The DSV Locker is a state-of-the-art, smart digital locker providing secure, convenient and cost-effective logistical solutions to commerce and industry in South Africa. The DSV Locker complements and works with any supply chain solution and solves a range of B2B and B2C challenges.

DSV Lockers are available throughout South Africa’s nine provinces, and are easily accessible in safe public locations, mostly petrol stations.

The locker is more than just smart; it’s intelligent too, as each locker is connected to a secure network which controls and manages each locker’s behaviour and the parcels being delivered or collected – 24/7. The lockers are fully ‘aware’, at all times, of parcels due for delivery, and how and when to notify the intended recipient when the parcel is available for collection. Any unauthorised parcels or collections will not be processed.

Users are notified a parcel is ready for collection as soon as it has been delivered into a locker. Each notification includes a unique and secure pin code, QR code and interactive directions on how to get to the locker. The user enters the secure pin code or scans the QR code, and the locker opens the correct door for the parcel to be collected. Users receive a collection reminder every 12 hours, and if not collected within 48 hours, the parcel is returned to the sender. 

Users can send parcels from lockers to any physical address in South Africa. Users can either purchase pre-paid courier packaging from any participating reseller, or get an authorised barcode from the respective retailer, walk up to any DSV Locker and send a parcel in 3 easy steps - safely, securely and at their own convenience. Parcels sent from the locker for delivery are managed, tracked and logged. 

All parcels moving to and from lockers are tracked and available for viewing by customers, users and the public, through an easy to use mobile-compatible website. This tracking solution is also available on an integrated basis for more advanced solutions and creates the perfect experience. 

Each locker consists of a physical structure (the exterior frame), a predefined number of doors, smart locks, closed circuit television (CCTV) and a built-in computer responsible for the management of the doors as well as bi-directional communication between a client’s system, the intended user, parcel tracking services and the DSV transport management system. 

The locker offers a ‘high availability’ service, remaining operational and available to customers even when there are unplanned outages for a predefined period. The design includes communication architecture, built-in uninterruptable power supply systems and failsafe mechanisms ensuring optimal performance 24/7.

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