Where to find a Locker

Different lockers serve unique needs

The decision to place a locker in a location is determined by its application or purpose.

We have more than 200 lockers situated in densely populated residential areas, and this footprint is growing rapidly. A google map showing all our public lockers can be found here.

The public lockers are available to any subscribed client who wishes to send a parcel to a recipient to collect from a locker or alternatively as a means for an individual to send a parcel to another physical address by dropping a parcel off at a locker.  The public locker footprint is ideal for businesses which want to reduce cost and improve efficiencies:

  • eCommerce (order online, collect your parcel from a locker)
  • In-Field Technician Service (distribute parts to lockers close to technician homes)
  • Education (deliver learning material to students via a locker)
  • Mail rooms and accountable mail (distribute and deliver mail through a network of in-house lockers)
  • Financial Services (distribution of cards and sensitive paperwork to customers)


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