Last mile distribution

DSV Healthcare is South Africa’s leading distributor of pharmaceutical and healthcare products.

We have been distributing pharmaceutical and healthcare products for over 25 years, and have built up a network of staff, vehicles and strategically located branches and hubs through which we deliver half a million parcels a month to over 7,500 customers across the country and over our borders. Many are serviced on a daily basis.

This footprint allows DSV Healthcare to offer our last mile distribution service to clients that don’t make use of our full scope of work, preferring to do their own warehousing, sales and invoicing, pick and pack and cash collection.

The last mile distribution client (or co-load client) benefits from the high levels of compliance, quality, security and risk that we offer our entire client base. In addition to that, a robust POD policy ensures that clients have the necessary information (online, or using our daily POD file transfers) in order to ensure a seamless cash collection from their customers.

We have grown our dedicated fleet to over 150 pharma and healthcare specific vehicles, and also have the additional capacity of over 900 vehicles in the DSV network which can be utilized for remote and regional locations. Our 13 facilities (hubs and cross dock) all operate with Good Distribution Practices (GDP) as the core to our processes and procedures in freight handling.

Our market

 DSV Co-Load provides services to clients in the following sectors:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Animal Health
  • Devices and Diagnostics
  • Consumer Health
  • State (depot and DDV)

In order to maintain a competitive and compliant network, and to remain focused on the specific needs of pharmaceutical and healthcare distribution, the client and customer match is vitally important to DSV Healthcare. The customer market includes dispensing doctors, pharmacies, private hospitals, hospitals and clinics, healthcare laboratories, retail stores, pharmaceutical wholesalers, as well as other healthcare facilities. 

Our competitive advantage 

The company’s market leading reputation has been developed around a value proposition which includes:

  • A commitment to excellence
    • Consistently delivered, best in class, quality service and governance
    • Meeting clients’ needs (from set up to systems and technology)
    • Consistency of deliveries through a proven “milk run” concept, and a stable customer base that allows our team of drivers to build long term relationships with your customers
    • Low inefficiency costs, which have reduced returns, credits, lost sales, losses and damages
    • World class levels of fleet and network security and governance 
  • A passion for entrepreneurship and innovation
    • Meeting product specific (cold chain, high risk product and Schedule 6 products)
    • A dedicated healthcare distribution network, with 25 years of experience in last mile distribution of pharmaceuticals
    • Leadership in cold chain expertise
    • Technologically sophisticated distribution facility in Meadowview, Johannesburg
    • A highly successful private - public health project supplying individual patients packs to 4 provinces in SA to hundreds of thousands of patients on a monthly basis.

This gives DSV Healthcare the ability to meet the stringent logistic requirements of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. DSV Healthcare’s focus is purely on healthcare and pharmaceutical and prides itself in not introducing any “general courier” freight into its delivery system that may contaminate or cause damages to its customers’ products.

Our approach to what we do is not just built on a fleet of vehicles, but rather on robust quality and control processes that focus on a pharmaceutical and healthcare product integrity and safety.


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