Medical devices and diagnostics

We help you comply with medical device regulations

DSV Devices and Diagnostics typically provides clients with customized solutions, including full order to cash, warehousing and transport logistics (with a real time interface for orders) or transport only. 

Our services

As a norm, storage space is dedicated (in a multi-client facility) and the dedicated area is customized to meet the requirements of the clients’ product. DSV also offers the handling of equipment and spares as well as specialized kit replenishment.
The 12 500m2 DSV Longmeadow facility in Gauteng (pharma grade) is our specialized diagnostics and devices facility and is also ISO 9001:2009 certified and ISO 13485 (devices) accredited. 

We partner with DSV Solutions where there is a need to store dangerous goods (requiring bunded storage) or flammable goods (requiring a fire room).
In order to meet client requirements we have developed competencies in the following areas:
Kitting (made to stock and made to order)
Repack / relabelling
Consignment stock
Instruments and spares handling
•Direct orders (cross-docking)

Our transport solution for the devices and diagnostics customers entails deliveries to all of the public and private laboratories and hospitals. For deliveries to laboratories we have developed a customized shipping manifest.
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