Healthcare logistics

Delivering affordable, accessible healthcare to all

We are South Africa’s leading distributor of pharmaceutical and healthcare products, providing warehousing, distribution and logistics services to pharmaceuticals (generics and innovative), Animal Health (including dangerous goods), Devices and Diagnostics, Consumer Health and the State through public/private partnerships.

Our market

We represent over 60 individual pharmaceutical and healthcare organisations in South Africa, and deliver more than 25,000 parcels per day to more than 4,200 customers and 10,500 delivery points. Customers include 900 general and specialist doctors, 1,250 pharmacies, 200 private hospitals, 160 public depots, hospitals and clinics, 45 export locations, 1,500 other healthcare facilities, 75 FMCG customers who deliver to 4,300 retail stores, 90 wholesalers and 400 public (National Health Laboratory Service – NHLS) and private laboratories.

Our products and services

Our products and services meet your unique and specialized distribution requirements, and include:

  • the full order to cash solution, which includes warehousing, transport and administrative services – order capture and cash collection, 
  • warehousing only, 
  • transport only (last mile distribution), 
  • specialized solutions for cold chain warehousing and distribution, 
  • a range of supporting value added services (VAS),
  • capabilities for exports into Africa,
  • participation in public private partnerships to provide healthcare logistic services to the State / public sector,
  • devices and diagnostics

Order to cash

Our core offering is the order to cash service, which entails warehousing, customer order processing, customer order pick and pack, and delivery to customer, credit control and collection of cash from the customer. You benefit from the economies of scale associated with a multi-client warehouse and the one customer account set up, and we offer this primarily on a decentralized basis through facilities in Gauteng and the Western Cape. We also have another 10 facilities to deliver cross dock orders to achieve primarily next day delivery to retail pharmacy and delivery within 2 business days to wholesalers.

Warehousing only

While most prefer order to cash, we offer a range of warehousing only (some with transport) models as part of our devices and diagnostics offering.

Value added services (VAS)

Our Value Added Services include warehousing services, marketing, sales and communication, debtor’s administration and cash collection, data, reporting and programming, delivery services, quality control, risk and governance services, additional services, group services and Africa bond services.

Cold chain

DSV is the largest private distributor of cold chain products to the public and private sectors in South Africa – and the only distributor to specialize in this field.

Last mile delivery 
State (chronic dispensing) 
Export into Africa 
Devices and Diagnostics 
Animal Health

World-class Facilities

We have three logistics centres and 13 cross-dock hubs, with 51,000 m2 below 25˚C and 2,300m2 between 2–8˚C. All warehouses are GXP compliant and ISO 9001:2009 certified. Our Meadowview facility in Johannesburg is one of the most automated pharmaceutical distribution facilities in the Southern Hemisphere. Unique features include 38,000 pallet position “dark” bulk warehouse, 32 metres high and 20,000 location fine pick operation

We take care of most of South Africa’s cold chain needs. We are the largest private cold chain distributor to both private and public sectors, and pack more than 1,000 fully validated cold chain boxes every day. We have more than 130 dedicated delivery vehicles.

Our competitive advantages 

We deliver world class warehousing and transport infrastructure, tried and tested operational processes and stringent security, quality and governance standards. 

Our service levels to you and your customer are measured monthly, and we record close to 100% stock accuracy, with stock write offs well within industry tolerance levels.

Our philosophy is to develop long term partnerships with you.

Our scale enables considerable economies which we pass on to you.

Our automation ensures that we remain within SLA parameters even as volumes peak over month end.

We have the most extensive public and private customer footprint in the healthcare sector (which extends to the network of public and private laboratories) and we touch most of these customers daily, with our next day delivery service. 

You and your customers can also benefit from our Level 2 BBBEE status, which significantly helps in meeting your procurement targets.
We handle specialized pharmaceutical products, including cold, schedule 6 and high risk/high value product. 

If you have a diversified portfolio, we offer a one-stop warehousing and distribution solution.

Our distribution network is dedicated to healthcare. We offer world class levels of fleet and network security and governance. We temperature monitor all our vehicles and have introduced ambient temperature control in the bulk of our fleet. 

We have many solutions to service Africa and can customize solutions depending on your  requirements relating to warehouse locale, bond/non bond and in country ownership model.


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