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Healthcare FutureWave1

Futurewave is an online portal providing clients and customers the ability to place orders at any time with live confirmation of stock availability and applicable pricing, in addition to helpful information about stock availability and alerts of non-returnable items.

Customers can be in control of outstanding orders through Futurewave which offers the ability to view and manage outstanding orders for their account. Clients have direct and live visibility into inventory levels of items in all warehouses, as well as product demand for those items. Designated client users can also conduct a release to available inventory for sale of quarantined receipts.

Access is User ID controlled and linked to either a specific customer account for customers; or linked to specific client division(s) for client users and a specific role. In this way no information is shared with any unauthorised parties and a user cannot perform any action which is not within their role.

Healthcare FutureWave2

Included in the services offered to clients and managed via Futurewave is the denied party screening debtor’s tool and controlled supply order management. In denied party screening a client can review and elect to trade with a new customer account or not thereby allowing clients to comply with any trading limitation instructions.

Controlled supply offers the ability to have orders placed as demand orders without inventory allocated, which clients can review and release for supply in part or in full required. This enables clients to manage the equitable supply of orders in a low inventory holding scenario.

Access to the portal and the functionality within the portal is user id driven linked to client division(s) thereby ensuring that information confidentiality is preserved and that users cannot act beyond their authority.

Healthcare OnTrack

DSV Healthcare offers Healthcare Distribution clients the ability to view the status of a delivery and any related proof of delivery documents using your shipment or delivery reference document. Access is User ID controlled to ensure the security of client information.

Healthcare Client Reporting

DSV Healthcare offers clients a wide variety of reporting across the inventory, sales and debtors management modules encompassing the full order to cash service provided. These reports can be run ad hoc as desired or regularly required reports can be scheduled to be emailed to clients. Access to the reporting portal is User ID controlled and depending on the role requirements of the user, access can be limited to any one, a combination or all three of the reporting modules.

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