DSV Healthcare is a leading provider of services to the State, on behalf of Pharma manufacturers and directly on contract to the National Department of Health. 

DSV Healthcare is part of DSV South Africa, wholly owned by DSV A/S, a global supplier of logistics and transport services listed on NASDAQ Copenhagen. 

Global services are provided through three divisions, DSV Air & Sea, DSV Road and DSV Solutions. Together with its international network of partners and agents, DSV operates in more than 80 countries from 1,000 branch offices, terminals and warehouse facilities.

Our market

Most of DSV Healthcare’s clients sell goods to the public sector.

We deliver to 14 depots and another 500 direct delivery points (DDVs), including state hospitals, clinics and correctional services facilities. In excess of 7,800 public sector orders are processed each month, and more than four million packaged units are delivered each month.

In addition, we also deliver to state facilities on behalf of some of the larger suppliers with state contracts, who warehouse their own stock but contract DSV Healthcare to manage their distribution to this sector. We are the largest private cold chain distributor to the public sector.

Our services

Our dedicated team of order entry clerks specialize in capturing state orders, and they are supported by a 100% quality control process that ensures the details captured in our systems mirror the order. 

This ensures that errors are not made with regards to the product ordered, delivery destination or invoice party. 
Our invoices and delivery documentation have been amended to cater for the unique requirements of the State. This allows for quicker turnaround time with regards to payment.

We have a dedicated team of credit controllers who arrange for the collection of cash on behalf of our clients. 

Service provided to the National Department of Health

We have a three-year contract from the National Department of Health (NDofH) to dispense and distribute chronic medicine to more than 450,000 state patients in four provinces – Northwest, Gauteng, Free State and Eastern Cape.

Our involvement with the Central Chronic Medicine Dispensing & Distribution (CCMDD) programme started on 1 April 2018 and ends on 31 March 2021.

The CCMDD programme consists of dispensing prescriptions acquired from health facilities for patients with chronic diseases who have been stabilised on their medicine therapy. Patient medicine parcels (PMP) are distributed to PuPs chosen by patients.

The programme will deliver benefits – increased access to healthcare, optional patient reminders via SMS, convenient access to PUPs for working people, improved service delivery, reduced workload for public health facilities and healthcare workers, and improved availability of reliable data to inform decision making – which will play their part in enhancing the patient’s experience by getting the right medicine to the right place.

The new contract comes on the back of our logistics award winning six-year contract (2013-2018) with the Department of Health in the Western Cape, where more than 285,000 patients received chronic medicine each month from 130 healthcare facilities. In total, we dispensed 24,5 million prescriptions (124 million units). The project’s success was recognised in 2014 when we were awarded the Platinum Award for Distinction in logistical and supply chain management (in designing and implementing a central dispensing unit (CDU) for pharmaceuticals) at the Logistics Achiever Awards.




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