Flexible solutions

We offer original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) logistics solutions that cover the entire supply chain, from pick-up at supplier to line feed at the assembly plant.
As a system and component supplier, you can concentrate on your primary activities while we handle your warehousing, whether you have chosen regional consolidation centres, in-house warehousing or a different solution.

Furthermore, we provide specialised warehousing solutions for motorcycles and related merchandise.

We can also handle customs clearance and offer bonded warehousing services.

After market

When a finished automobile rolls off the assembly line, a new set of challenges and opportunities emerge. Accurate and expedient parts replenishment is the first chance to make a lasting impression. So whether you're looking to open a parts depot in an emerging market, consolidate movements to local dealerships, or you want to re-organise your replenishment strategy, DSV has the expertise and service portfolio to coordinate and manage the supply chain needs of your after-market business. Demand responsiveness is particularly keen in the after-market space. Dealerships don't like to carry expensive inventory, and it's often difficult to forecast parts demand. As such, DSV's inventory optimisation solutions drive overall improvement while keeping inventories balanced.

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