Demand Planning Service

Better accuracy through advanced analytics

DSV IO's team of master statisticians are qualified as demand forecasters and have many years experience across multiple industries, including retail, pharmaceutical, automotive, FMCG and more. We use leading forecasting and data visualization software that is configured to our customers' environments.

The DSV Demand Planning service complements our customers' S&OP Demand Review process. The best possible statistical forecast is provided to the customer as the base before market intelligence is added.

Intelligent BI dashboards are designed to improve decision making and the Demand Planning team actively drives continuous improvement through innovation. Areas where strides have been made through innovative solutions are:

  1. Demand Forecast Simulations
  2. Multi-level Forecasting
  3. New Product Forecasting
  4. Long Term Forecasting
  5. Optimal Bin Level Calculation
  6. Price Elasticity of Demand
  7. Supply Lead Time Analysis
  8. Inventory Policy Simulation
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