Inventory Optimisation Service

Sell more with a lot less inventory

The DSV IO team uses advanced planning software that combines historic and current data from a customer's transaction systems. With predetermined service levels and inventory policy requirements agreed on with the customer, the functions of forecasting, inventory modelling and suggested replenishment are automated.

Supply Chain specialists use the IO software to calculate the inventory and replenishment parameters as well as exception (non-conformance) reports. A customer's actual purchasing is then measured daily on their Availability and Fill Rate performance, as well as Inventory levels versus recommendations. Necessary daily controls are put in place to notify management of major deviations from the recommendations necessary to build in business intelligence and drive continuous improvement.

A KPI scoreboard is made available online which is automatically updated daily, to ensure that performance can be tracked by all parties. Regular reviews are conducted to monitor performance and develop initiatives for further improvement to service levels and return on investment in inventory.

DSV's focus is on the customer's product and inventory requirements, and our objective is to enable our customers to satisfy their consumers demand with the desired service level, whilst achieving best in class business performance KPIs.

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