Customs Brokerage Services

DSV has more than 30 years’ experience in Customs Brokerage services in South Africa, which enables us to support the import and export clearance of your goods in a timeous and compliant manner.

With a physical presence all over the country, we work closely with you and have extensive remote communications ability with Customs, allowing remote clearance for your cargo from any office through any Customs office. Even during high volume fluctuations, we continue to provide you with a very high standard of service. Our customs specialists assure you the maximum levels of performance, efficiency and quality on an ongoing basis.

DSV is one of the largest Customs Brokers in South Africa and is one of the top contributors to the deferment scheme with Customs. In addition to providing Customs clearance services, DSV’s Customs teams also interact with Customs at multiple levels to ensure that our business is constantly aligned with current and future developments.

Our capabilities to ensure compliance across the country and the company are underpinned by our accreditation with SARS Customs. We remain abreast of developments and changes in the regulatory and legislative landscapes through our internal forum, the African Customs Board (ACB). This ensures that we are always able to provide you with the highest levels of service, particularly in navigating highly complex cross-border customs issues.

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